Rules for dating while separated

So rather than rushing the process and selecting a partner who doesn’t meet all of your needs and criteria, it’s in your best interest to put in the time it takes to date more people and up your chances of finding the one.

Another key dating rule has to do with your overall outlook and attitude about dating itself.

The post-separation agreement acts as a contract between the spouses during the period of separation.

This action has a three year statute of limitations and doesn’t require sexual relations, unlike an action for “criminal conversation”.

The good news, however, is that both of these actions have defenses that can be raised in court.

For “alienation of affection”, a defendant can prove that no love and affection existed between the husband and wife.

Another defense exists under General Statute 52-13, which allows a defendant to prove that an act giving rise to the claim for “alienation of affection” or “criminal conversion” occurred after the date of separation.

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