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It has not been confirmed who actually wrote the list of Foster Homes and Orphanages however it is assumed that he wrote the list as Nate analyzed the list as having been Written with an Aging Hand, as and when the changes of homes took place.In the Season Two Premiere, Hetty makes Arrangements for Callen to Purchase a House of his Own; the very same House where he Lived with Alina Rostoff as a Foster Child.In the Episode: Pushback, it was Revealed that a Former CIA Officer Ethan Stanhope Arranged the Assassination Attempt.Stanhope desired to Eliminate all persons with Knowledge of Operation Cossack a Joint NCIS/CIA/DEA Operation in Russia that Failed when it was Compromised by Stanhope.Hetty knew that if Callen found out about his family and The Comescus’ killing His Mother, Callen would go back to Romania to find out more about his family and may be killed in the process.When the secret was close to being revealed, Hetty resigned from NCIS in order to go back to Romania and try to make The Comescus’ believe that Callen had been killed in a shooting, which had taken place during the NCIS/NCIS: Los Angeles Crossover Episode.Stanhope's Goal was to Conceal his Treasonous Actions and Prevent any Adverse Disclosures that would have Harmed his Business Ventures.Despite Stanhope's best efforts Callen, backed by Sam and Kensi Succeeded in Arresting Stanhope, finally Ending the Case for Good.

Some time after this, Callen was assigned to the Office of Special Projects located in Los Angeles. After a few years working with NCIS, Callen wanted to know more about his family, and wanted to know what the "G." from his first name stood for.She later explained everything to him about his sister.Callen was not aware he had a sister until Hannah Lawson told him so.California, which is run by Operations Manager Hetty Lange. Clara's Father had killed many members of The Comescu Family, which led to a Blood Feud between the two families. Unfortunately, The Comescus’ still held a strong, undying grudge against the Callens, and an Assassin working for The Family later killed Clara while another man distracted young Callen by giving him a toy soldier. after the death of their Mother and were placed in the Foster Care System in separate homes.Like his good friend and fellow NCIS Special Agent-In-Charge (SAC) Leroy Jethro Gibbs who runs the Major Case Response Team (MSRT) located in Washington, D. In retaliation, The Comescu Family killed Callen's grandfather, George Callen, and Clara fled to the U. Henrietta Lange, a member of the CIA who had been Clara's Handler, was sent to help Clara and her children, but she was too late. Amy spent most of her time in an orphanage, while Callen constantly went from one foster family to another.

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