Ryan gosling and sandra bullock dating dating in the gym game

Gosling gets the best of both worlds – he gets to screw around and date beautiful women and then dump them, and he gets to keep his reputation as the nice guy who is just looking for something meaningful and true.

Gerard is just a slut, and he doesn’t care who knows.

The period costume works on him, though – it always does. Anyway, last week, Ryan had a new interview which has already caused some people to declare him The Anti-Brad Pitt.

As in, Gosling says really nice things about his exes while Brad will cryptically declare that his life with previous partners was totally dull.

However, they were considered to be one of the oddest couples in Hollywood and one of the reasons for that was their big age difference gap.

Also, one source claimed that Sandra Bullock’s friend and co-star Hugh Grant constantly was making funny remarks about the couple and finally, Sandra Bullock realized herself that her relationship with Ryan Gosling was not going to go anywhere.

The Drive actor claims that Hollywood is to blame for the end of his relationships. When both people are in show business it’s too much showbusiness.Part of me thinks that Gosling is too try-hard and immature, though. the Disneyland thing has thrown me for a loop, and in the past year, it seems like Gosling really is just dating, screwing and then dumping/ignoring every single girl he meets. I’m not saying that Gosling should just settle down for the hell of it or anything, I’m just pointing out that he’s trying to have his nice-guy cake and eat it too.Gosling gets as much “strange” as Gerard Butler, but Butler doesn’t play this game.Ryan Gosling may be the object of many fans’ affections, but when it comes to his own personal life, he shares that he’s only had two true loves: Sandra Bullock and Rachel Mc Adams.“I had two of the greatest girlfriends of all time.

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Of course, Brad Pitt gets points for not taking every chick he knows to Disneyland.

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