Safari rss feeds not updating relationship and dating stories

See, previously, Reeder 3 wasn’t updated for the new i Pad Pro models – after 7 months without proper support in sight, many i OS power users like me sought out new RSS readers.And while apparently Reeder 3 had resolved layout issues a month ago, I had honestly already deleted it since it didn’t work on half my devices.Overall, this variability is nice – I don’t recommend choosing an individual behavior because you’ll inevitability run into a moment where you want to change it.And, just for reference, he’s what the other views look like (“Regular” is what Automatic most often displays as): I’d like to see the Automatic view changed in a future update to support both of these features – it’s really good and so so close, but definitely noticeable if you’re all-in on i Pad.

By default the app will automatically choose which mode to use depending on how much screen space is available – in landscape full screen, tapping a service will show All Items, Archive, Tags/Folders, and the list of individual sources underneath.

Alternately, turning the i Pad into Portrait or combining a 2/3 landscape view with a 1/3 split view app will change the arrangement – sources and articles are shown, then the article is only in fullscreen.

And finally, in half-view on both i Pad Pros, Reeder adopts a single column-mode like the i Phone version with one view per screen.

“Swipe right” is the action of sliding it to the right but revealing the iconography on the left, and Swipe Left pulls it left but shows the icon on the right.

This also confused me inside Instapaper, because my setting for Swipe Right to add to Instapaper just doesn’t work as it can’t save it to itself again, but instead activates the overall “Swipe on the article to open browser view”.

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