Same sign dating

Just about every astrology enthusiast has their own set of compatibility theories about which signs are meant for you (and which signs you should steer clear of).

But, to get a straight answer about how much sharing a sign will affect your love life, we consulted our favorite guides to the stars, the Astrotwins, and their tome on the topic, Their compatibility guide is purely based on the distance between your sign and your partner's sign.

While this may be deeply disturbing, it’s incredibly common.

I am not sure but in your case it seems the latter might have some play.

I think you will see signs of your ex in your current love as we tend to gravitate towards certain energies and have certain patterns that we repeat in relationship. For example, 95% of the men I have had relationships with have either a Scorpio or an Aquarius Moon.

This would indicate I like intense eccentrics, they like me, or perhaps I’m an intense eccentric myself.

You and your partner probably have different moon, Venus, and/or Mars signs — and some astrologers believe these are clearer indicators of compatibility than the sun signs.I’m not sure I can or should do anything about this.I am drawn to iconoclastic men courtesy of my childhood.Think of what happens the hydra when exposed to the light.How do you feel about dating the same type over and over?

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Same-sign relationships can actually be opportunities for self-acceptance.

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