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In the 24 hours after I changed my Match profile, I tripled the amount of messages I ever received in a day, and honestly, renewed my excitement for signing up for the subscription in the first place.Though I haven't met anyone special (just yet anyway), I have gone on a few more dates.By adding in things of interest—photos of my travels, specific restaurants and things I like—I opened an easy door for them to hit on me.MORE: 12 So-Bad-They're-Almost-Good Pickup Lines So What Happened After the Edits?Now, I’m only on Tinder, Hinge, and Match—and in all honesty, I find most of the guys I go out with via these channels.Even in a city as populated as New York, it’s hard to find the type of guys I’m looking for—and online dating makes it much easier to narrow things down.

Even though it's relatively simple to send a message, men might not have been messaging me because I didn't give them enough to go off of or bring up in conversation.

I’ve been online dating basically since I realized it was an option.

For an article for the school newspaper my sophomore year in college, I tried to sign up for e Harmony, but I wasn’t old enough (ya gotta be 21), and so it called me "unmatchable." After crying to my mom (and um, reading the fine print), I held off on signing up again until I moved to New York.

(Full disclosure here: It helps to be a dating writer.

Most of these, I scored for free.) But after three years and at least 100 first dates that led nowhere, I’ve figured out what works for me and what doesn’t.

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