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Professional wrestling has slammed its large orange son all the way down the memory hole.This happened with merciful quickness after the full audio of the Hogan sex tape was released to the National Enquirer and Radar Online.Under a forced desegregation order from the Florida Supreme Court, Miami Beach High underwent desegregation efforts.

But if you want to check out the competition before making your mind up, head to the line up of similar shirt options below.

Read More: The Forgotten Steroid Trial That Almost Brought Down Vince Mc Mahon It's stupid, awful, greasy stuff, strewn with familiar and odious racial epithets and defined by full-blown white sexual panic in the face of nothing scary at all.

There is some precedent for the WWE's early attempts to erase Hogan from their history: Chris Benoit.

He played Noah Percy, a mentally disabled young man, in the film The Village, by M.

Night Shyamalan, shell-shocked war veteran Jack Starks in The Jacket, writer Jack Driscoll in the 2005 King Kong remake, and father-to-be Peter Whitman in The Darjeeling Limited by Wes Anderson.

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