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When feelings are involved in bed, use your imagination and get him thinking.It’ll arouse your man more and create better dirty talking opportunities. Calling each other a bitch and a dog could excite a few *animal lovers*, not everyone else.When you’re making love to your man, show your appreciation with wet gasps and moans.As long as you go ‘aaah’ each time he thrusts you deep, it’ll give him the same horny boost as sexy talk.

As long as you go into all the intimate details, it’ll always be perfect dirty talk. At times, you don’t need words to talk dirty to a guy.But if you really want to understand how to talk dirty with a guy and sound really sexy at the same time, just use these tips.[Read: Tips on turning a guy on when he’s with you] 10 sexy tips to talk dirty with a guy Want to turn your guy on and give him a huge erection while making love to him? Learn to control his big head and his little head with your words and he’ll always be excited to have sex and talk dirty with you. While having sex, almost all the time, you’d find that there are a lot of naughty things that pass through your head. If you’re aroused, it’s definitely going to sound dirty. Learning to talk dirty to a guy is all about indulging in an active imagination. Just imagine he was a sexy friend who you ended up having sex with when you were drunk.[Read: Road head confessions of a good girl] 6 lines that make for good dirty talking to a guy If you’re looking for a few examples on sexy and dirty things to say to your boyfriend or husband, just use your imagination and mix these lines in! ] 6 lines that don’t always sound good while talking dirty # More, more, more! # You make me so wet # Your shoulders look so sexy # Gosh, it feels so big!

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