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"""I offer you over 20 years of experience in giving warm caring guidance, offering direct insights into how you might improve the quality of your life. Don is author of "Loving With Passion", holds a Ph. in psychology and is a life coach, hynotherapist, UCLA-trained sex therapist, professional speaker, licensed marriage and family therapist.

Therapy can help us to become more deeply rooted in ourselves, developing the kind of freedom and courage that it takes to live our most authentic lives.""It is no secret that many of us struggle to live authentic and connected lives—rooted in our greatest truths and yearnings yet enlivened by freedom and hope.You want things to be different, feel frustration, powerlessness, and shame, and wonder where on earth pleasure and a sense of peace are?""It is impossible to live your best life when you're haunted by the past, miserable with dieting or your body, or struggling with intimacy.It is also hard to feel good about your body or sex life after trauma and if you aren't happy with your body, you can't enjoy intimacy freely or fully.These problems are PAINFUL, hold you back, and are hard to talk about, even with those closest to you.

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