Shaved head dating

Chances are you can find several bald mentors at your local gym.When weakly, pale, white guys shave their heads, they can, unfortunately, resemble cancer patients in some cases.A well-groomed beard or goatee can compensate for your lack of hair elsewhere.

That’s why black guys pretty much always look good bald.

Here are a few tips to help you look your absolute best as you embark on this journey….

Maybe take it down to a #1 guard instead of shaving it all off completely.

Again, you probably don’t want everyone to focus exclusively on your bald head, even if it looks fantastic. You could also take a cue from some of the world’s best country singers, who hide their baldness behind cowboy hats. And if your wardrobe’s outdated, give it an upgrade. See if you can find good-looking bald dudes with your head shape, and take inspiration from them.

A nice pair of glasses may be the ticket — even if you don’t need them. Or seek advice from a confident, well put-together bald man in your area.

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