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Explaining that she has new friends now (“pretty girls” with “jobs and purses and nice personalities”), Shosh announces that she is done trying to hold on to whatever is: “I think we should all just agree to call it,” she says, as the camera pans over her friends’ stunned faces.

Depending on exactly what period Seinfeld is talking about, he might have been telling the truth: Lonstein turned 18 on May 29, 1993, shortly after the two met.Still, Seinfeld returned to Stern’s show soon thereafter for what Schneider calls “spin control,” though he was still obfuscating the details of their early relationship.Then, returning to the Stern show a month later for another attempt at spin control, he still seemed a bit defensive. “This is the only girl I ever went out with who was that young. We just went to a restaurant, and that was it.” It’s sort of hard to tell what Seinfeld meant here when he says he “wasn’t dating” Lonstein.“Seriously, you have entire conversations in front of me like I’m invisible, and sometimes I wonder if my social anxiety is holding me back from meeting the people who would actually be right for me instead of a bunch of fucking whiny nothings as friends.” (Some pretty girls with jobs and nice purses, perhaps?) When Hannah responds by deriding Shosh as “unstimulating,” Shosh claps back: “Unstimulating? What, do I want to be like you, like mentally ill and miserable? Hannah always saw her life as fodder for some thrilling personal-essay collection, a tortured artist who prioritized being interesting and miserable over being boring and happy, and who falsely viewed the two as mutually exclusive.

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In Japan, Shosh finally started to feel like a coherent person with clear wants and desires, and last night — happy, confident, excited to “become Mrs.

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