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Structurally, telling the story of a couple destined to be together in flashback, those flashbacks themselves structured around the questions posed seriatim on a quiz show is a pretty clever conceit, even if Boyle picks it up from the source novel.

Kapoor's performance is fine in this regard and it is part of the mechanism that draws us to pity poor grown up Jamal (Dev Patel). Indeed, will admit the reason I rewatched (and finally got around to reviewing this) was because of my increasing respect for Khan's acting. His character begins as skeptical that a mere chai wallah like Jamal could have succeeded so well on the show and his job is to cajole, beat or torture the truth out of him.

Danny boyle peint avec maestria lec choc des cultures au sein de ce grand pays qu'est l' INDE ou l'argent appartient à quelques nantis et ou le reste de la population vit dans une très grande pauvreté.Suppose one is either supposed to lionize this as the best thing since sliced bread or rant about how impoverished or sentimental Boyle's vision is. The two characterizations that stand out for me are those of the quiz show host (Anil Kapoor) and the police interrogator (Irrfan Khan). Though he is all smarmy bonhomie and condescending snideness on his show, he seethes with growing contempt and hatred for Jamal. It isn't a solution to India's ills nor is it meant to be. All the avatars of Salim, Jamal and Latika are cute and engaging enough.On voit tout ce qui fait l'inde dans ce film,les enfants des bidonvilles,l'importance des anciennes traditions(rama ect),le taj mahal(l'une des sept merveilles du monde rien que ca),les danses de bollywood.Trés proche du recit iniatique,slumdog millionnaire nous emmène dans les meandres de la vie du heros (enfance,adolescence,age adulte) avec il est vrai un usage parfois excessif des flashbacks.

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