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The series is one of the three Disney Channel Original Series to feature a show-within-a-show, along with The Famous Jett Jackson and Shake It Up.

Sonny with a Chance was renewed for a second season in June 2009, which premiered in March 2010 to 6.3 million viewers.

Disney Channel had originally renewed the series for a third season in November 2010, but Lovato's role was at an uncertainty at the time after she checked into treatment for personal struggles two weeks prior. [Sonny thinks of a sketch in response to a gossip columnist]Sonny Munroe: "Wicked Witch of the Web?

Production of the third season commenced without Lovato in January 2011, focusing on the So Random! In April 2011, Disney Channel confirmed that Lovato would not be returning to the series' lead role and Sonny with a Chance would not return, choosing instead to rebrand the already-filmed third season as a spin-off titled So Random! The spin-off aired for a single season before being cancelled. Sonny Munroe: [yelling into her megaphone] YOU STOP THE LYING! " Come on, we're going to go on TV and fight fire with funny. Sonny Munroe: This is last you will see of Sonny Munroe! Chad Dylan Cooper: Somebody wanted to try on a weird beard.

The second season, some scenes are shot on location. In total there are 12 visitors online: 0 registered users and 12 guests. Registered users who have been online in the past 10 minutes: .I'm sorry guys, but you might have to deal with short chapters for the next few days." Sonny asked, giving me a 'you're slow' look."Well, no.""Chad, they have me on here for publicity because we're dating. ""Fake dating." I clarified."They don't know that, remember? " Sonny said with distaste."We have………"I watch as Sonny's jaw dropped and her face turned several shades of green."Kiss? " I asked, hopefully."No, it's a full blown make-out scene." she said. All kisses are full-blown make out scenes."Sonny's nose wrinkled in distaste, quite cutely, and she muttered some incoherent words."I suppose we should practice." I said."KISSING?!?!? She was one of those activist girls with tons of spunk. They all stared at me like I was insane."Go talk to her." Portlyn ordered.And they probably wouldn't care even if they did know.""Do you know what being Mackenzie's love interest entails? She wanted to stop pollution, save the rainforest, she was a vegetarian. Her eyes started brimming with tears."But-""No buts! I got up and walked out of the cafeteria, hoping I'd get lucky and find Sonny.

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