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In Macedon Joshua Cooper and Silent Way are names to note and Tolpuddle Vineyard continues to set the mark in Tasmania.Yabby Lake brings the Mornington Peninsula region to the top table also.The Adelaide Hills, Macedon Ranges and Tasmania are the other places that really rate a mention in the chardonnay discussion with smaller numbers of wines achieving very high scores.Michael Downer’s star at Murdoch Hill continues to ascend in the Adelaide Hills across three tiers of chardonnay with the 2018 Murdoch Hill Rocket Chardonnay leading our ratings, closely followed by wines from Shaw Smith, Henschke, Michael Hall, Longview and Ochota Barrels.Along with the 2006 Oakridge 864 Chardonnay, this wine can be credited for seeding the movement to redefine Australian chardonnay and setting a course that today sees it rivaling great Burgundian examples for quality.Elsewhere in Australia, chardonnay is excelling thanks to the reimagined vineyard-driven approach and a dialled-in winemaker influence.These wines deliver such depth of flavor and such noble tannins in an elegantly refined and drinkable way. “We are really focused on balancing our cabernet,” says second-generation winemaker Ben Portet of Dominique Portet.

The best pinots produced are so drinkable that it’s almost unnerving.

Vasse Felix, Moss Wood, Cullen, Juniper Estate, Cape Mentelle and Cloudburst to name a few.

“2018 is a beautiful vintage for cabernet sauvignon,” says Vasse Felix’s Virginia Willcock.

The tiny production Cloudburst chardonnay exemplifies the potential for quality when a vineyard is carefully managed.

The 2018 topped the 2017 vintage in our ratings, both delivering fruit weight and electrifying tension.

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I think they will be well-regarded over time as well.” Varietal imports “The rising success of grenache shows that the right grape variety grown in the right place really dictates where great wine is made,” says Mc Laren Vale’s Steve Pannell.

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