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The study of these languages is important for us as the Scandinavian dialects influenced the development of the English language in the epoch of Scandinavian invasions into Britain. Because of the peripheral settlement of Goths compared with the other Germanic tribes Gothic had preserved the greatest affinity with the Proto-Germanic language., e.g. The North Germanic (Scandinavian) subgroup includes Norwegian, Icelandic, Swedish, Danish and Faroese. Only about the Gothic language (records found from 1B. Thanks to this conservatism the Gothic Language is very important both for the Proto-Germanic reconstruction, for the comparative studies of the other Germanic Languages and for the reconstruction of Germanic languages. As for the languages of the East Germanic subgroup we can speak about them only in the past tense: they are all dead. the archaism of the system of fricative and explosive consonants (no Verner’s Law), the absence of mutation of vowels, the presence of mediopassive and the dual number and underdevelopment of analytical structures in the system of verb. Some spread west to Anatolia and Greece, others southwest to Iran and India (Sanskrit). It is hard to believe, but very long ago there existed some Proto-Indo-European language of which have originated such languages as Greek, Latin, English, Russian, French and many other languages the genetic relations of which are difficult to suspect if you do not have special linguistic education. Some daughter languages must have differentiated in the course of migrations that took them first to the East and later to the West. Hofmann Harald Hans Peter Matschos Heinrich Linz Heinz-Jorg Platzer Helmut Eugen STEIDINGER Holger Siegel Iain Richardson International Textile Resources Inc. Hardy Niels-Joergen Toft JENSEN Norbert Jens Claussen Norbert Kattner Norbert Kattner Novica Dinulovich Olaf M. Ruhfus Rollf Neuwinger Sabine Lerner Sabrine Lerner Sascha Rapp Sebastian Giefer SEBASTIAN JOSEF MEYER Seitz, Rainer Sharecorp Limited Siegrried Oskar Schwarzer SIEMENS ACCELERATION IN COMMUNICATIONS GMBH Siemens Mobile Acceleration GMBH Sintha Pawelke Geb. Xing, Qi-zhi Gunter Veit Hans-Dieter Lauten Hansgeorg B. Igor Bezpalko Nataliya Troyanovskaya Nesrin Kazovali Nicholas J. Ernst-Moritz Lipp Queenstown Group Inc Rainer Nau Rainer Stiefel RALF BEHNSTEDT RALF DIETER PICHLBAUER Ralph Naundorf Rico Usluk Robert Georg Loch Rolf E.

Bobby J Wahi Brigitta Usluk Britta Ney Burkhard Stuben Burkhard Stuben BV CAPITAL GMBH & CO BETEILIGUNGS KG NO.

This is true of ablaut, umlaut, declension and conjugation in Germanic languages.

Grammatical Structure of the Old English Language 292. Owing to Gothic material, forms which otherwise would have remained quite hypothetical are unambiguously confirmed.

General Features of the Development of Middle English Grammar. Contact with Semitic languages in Mesopotamia and with Kartvelian languages in the Caucasus led to the adoption of many foreign words. It goes without saying that our chief interest will be with the Germanic (Teutonic) group, since it includes English and its nearest relatives.

Most Western languages stem from an Eastern branch that rounded the Caspian Sea. C.) It should be noted that alongside with large groups of languages, like Germanic, Italic or Slavic, the Indo-European family includes individual groups each of which consists of only one language, such as Albanian, Armenian and Greek.

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