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He'd joke about making me scream, and I'd say, confidently, "Bring it." Or he'd forward articles or videos of BDSM research he'd done. In a D/s (Dominant/submissive) relationship, you have to trust each other—emotionally, mentally, spiritually. We settled on opposite sofas, and I was a fidgety, nervous mess.While a Dominant, or "Dom," may have the "power," he can only go as far as his submissive, or "sub," will let him. What if I didn't like the pain as much as the idea of it? And just like that, our long-distance, extramarital D/s relationship began.I knew he was right—I just didn't know what it meant. Doug was tall with dark hair and eyes, but it wasn't his looks that unglued me.A recent business school graduate, he was smart, confident, and witty. We dated for a few months and had intense—if, in retrospect, vanilla—sex.People who aren't in the BDSM world think that Doms and subs are broken people.Subs supposedly have no backbone, have daddy issues. I have two full-time employees and am a bossy boss. We are just expressing darker sides of ourselves the way everyone else probably has some fetish they're afraid to share.We'd talk for hours about politics and sports, and though he commented on how amazing our chemistry was, how amazing I was, he held back emotionally. There was a magnetic pull between us, only the attraction swallowed me.I became uncharacteristically needy, and it pushed him away. In a few clicks on another popular site, I found Doug's profile.

We know what we're doing isn't fair to our spouses, but fortunately for me, I'm able to be honest with my husband about Doug. Recently, I flew to Boston for a long weekend when Doug's wife was out of town.

Then Doug stood up, towering over me, and grabbed a fistful of my hair. Meanwhile, I tried to suppress this thing between Doug and me. With 500 miles between us, we're in contact over e-mail, text, and Skype.

He ordered me to perform oral sex, but that first time wasn't really about sex, it was about seeing if I'd be obedient. Afterward, I cried, overwhelmed by how raw it all was. When Doug texted that he was moving to Boston for a big promotion, I agreed to meet him for a drink. Because BDSM is about so much more than just sex, Doug can still be my Dom from afar, focusing more on psychological control.

In a D/s relationship, you need to trust another human being in ways that are rarely explored.

A Dom is intoxicated by someone who is willing to trust him or her that much.

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He used a belt, leaving welts on my back, thighs, and bottom. We met up a couple more times for similar sessions, but then I pulled away. Not by the pain, but by how intense my feelings were for him. We had both gotten married, gotten on with our lives. I told my husband, with whom I share a very honest relationship, that I was going to see an ex for closure. I'll text that I'm going for a run, and he'll tell me I can't.

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