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Again, when you're not sure, just ask what exactly the person means.

I remember in the 90s in high school talking meant you talked on the phone on a regular basis but weren't serious. Now I feel like talking means very casually seeing each other.

You're just "going on dates" or even hooking up / having casual sex."Dating" can mean the same thing but as far as I know also applies to slightly more serious relationships. Seeing each other: Spending intimate time with each other mainly in casual settings (ie.

You can be committed to someone long-term and still describe it as "dating."I would only use "talking to" as a euphemism if I hadn't done anything romantic or sexual with that person yet and I was still trying to ask them out or hit on them. Dating: Spending intimate time with each other mainly in planned activities (ie. Sleeping over, watching reality TV, eating take-out).

I think "talking" usually means just what its name suggests, that people are talking to each other, usually via text or other electronic communication, but there's usually this connotation of "talking with the potential" to connect in a dating / romantic / sexual way.

For example, a conversation might go like this: "Are you dating anyone?

"Seeing" is "dating," some people may attribute levels to it, but so subjectively that the terms are basically synonymous.

I don't know about "talking." I could rationalize it several ways, but that's of no use.

You need to use context to understand what is meant.These words are all ambiguous and I think this is one of the problems with our dating culture and the use of these terms.I see "dating" as encompassing both exclusive and non-exclusive relationships. people sometimes say "We were dating since..." etc.I don't think "talking" ever has any connotation of exclusivity, but it can sometimes encompass flirty, sexual, or romantic behaviors that would cross boundaries in most exclusive relationships.For example, I've heard people say things like: "I was upset with him because it turns out that he was talking to another girl." -- obviously this doesn't mean he was just talking, it usually means he was flirting / sexting / trying to hook up / trying to date her.

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