Tall guy dating

The only exception to this is when models pose with guys.

And this is still misleading because the typical female model is as tall as the average height for men.

The point is that girls have always been taught that guys who are taller are better. This isn’t always true but guys who are on the shorter end tend to have self-esteem issues because they’re not as tall. The main idea here is that girls like confident men and when guys are taller, they tend to be a bit more self-confident.

For many of the above reasons, girls want to feel shorter and smaller.But girls who like really manly guys will be more likely to go for the taller men she sees.They equate their manliness with their height and it’s why they like taller guys.Taller men did that job best and so women have evolved to find them more attractive. The isn’t true for all women, but it’s definitely a reason many look to date guys who are on the taller side.If you’re relatively short and want to make a woman feel this way, giving her compliments that make her feel sexy and feminine can work just as well.

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