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For example: There are, however, some things we do know.Firstly, we can determine which complications are showing.I kept seeing Tap ads all over the place and was really interested in it.My curiosity got the better of me, so I picked one up and WOW am I happy.

Granted, we need to pick up speed, but that’s what practice does. I bought Tap as a texting solution in vr and I couldn’t be happier.

🍎📚 Get ready for your best year yet when you take 25$ off any Tap purchase until August 14! Enter to win a FREE Tap for the super student in your life at the link in bio 👀 . This week, in honor of the 2019 San Diego Comic Con, we’re showcasing how Tap works when paired with the Microsoft Hololens.

Watch as our CEO Dovid walks through this awesome feature, and check out the full video on our You Tube channel!

Thanks to this post on Stack Overflow, we realised we could manipulate the timestamp of the entry to reverse-engineer the current watch face.

The date passed via Referring back to Health Face, we can now show the appropriate screen based on which complication the user taps: The great thing about this is that with just a couple of taps, new data can be recorded into Health Kit then displayed directly on the watch face.

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