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It's a good way to meet other underage people who aren't necessarily in your social circle.But yeah parties are pretty easy to pull at, better than trying to find love in TSR.There used to be under 18 tinder but they stopped it cause older men were posing as teens on it tbh, i don't think there's much out there for under 18's in terms of dating apps.i did hear of this one app which requires the user to take a picture of himself/herself with a piece of paper saying they're signing up or whatever and it has to get reviewed by the app owners before the user is allowed to have an account, and this is supposed to stop older people signing up as under 18's i forgot the app name but it is not as popular as tinder and there are noticeably less people to talk to from what i hear.My LOL, which calls itself “the #1 teen dating site in the U.S., Australia, UK, and Canada,” requires users to be between the ages of 13-19 and requires those under 18 to say they’ve obtained a parent’s permission to use the website.One example is Yubo (formerly Yellow), a newer app that turns Snapchat into a kind of Tinder, allowing users to swipe right on selfies of teens the user wants to be “friends” with, and then provides info to allow the two to connect on Snapchat.Yubo allows users 13 and older, but a Common Sense Media review rates it for 17 years and up.

This puts teens at risk, cautions Ellen Harrell, director of outreach and prevention for the National Center for the Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).

Every now and then, there’s a news story that seems tailor-made to panic parents of teens.

Online teen dating seems to be ready made for concern.

The possibilities to worry about online teen dating are endless, even with “good” teen dating sites.

But the solution is the same, whether we’re talking about Tinder, Instagram, My LOL or the latest yet-to-be-invented app.

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