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Dave was telling me a story this morning about a friend of his who got set on fire via Molotov cocktail during a fight (a change of pace from our current topic of the week, Bugs: eating them; big creepy ones) and I suddenly had the strangest wave of déjà vu. Was I talking about setting people on fire with someone?

I’m curious about the guy on the bus every morning with the long wet hair who is always writing furiously in his Moleskine. But I had other plans and besides, maybe I’m not ready to see you yet.

I think I have missed welcoming Melissa...THANK YOU Melissa for joining my group!

I try to keep track so that I can thank each one in a blog post.

We pulled in and just fit by the hair on our chinny-chin-chin.

We walked into the casino lobby and registered for the 50 amp electric space and paid our .00.

I need time to get out and inspect the place better and take some photos.

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