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She eliminates Pilot Pete, she cries, he cries, and then we carry on with the two remaining men: Tyler and Jed.From that point on, the episode is pretty straightforward.But I have a creeping suspicion Hannah actually picks Jed. Maybe you’ll realize the bad person is actually nice, after our heavily edited finale!It seems telling that ABC’s response to Jed’s Girlfriend Gate so far has been roughly the same as their response to last season’s big post-filming controversy, the discovery of a ton of iffy behavior on social media by eventual winner Garrett. For now, let’s enjoy the one blessing of the oxymoronic two-part finale: This 24-hour period where we can all hope Hannah makes the right call.(FOX PUBLICITY) TEEN CHOICETM 2019, the summer’s hottest LIVE show, is back with a brand-new wave of nominees.Celebrate the year’s hottest teen stars in television, music, film, sports, comedy and social media when the star-studded two-hour LIVE event airs, for the first time in TEEN CHOICE history, from Hermosa Beach, CA, on Sunday, Aug. Box office blockbuster “Avengers: Endgame” leads the TEEN CHOICE 2019 film category with nine nominations, followed by “Aladdin” with five nominations.As for Jed, Hannah’s family is intensely skeptical of him, as he lacks Tyler’s charm while also failing to satisfy their concerns about his seemingly unsuccessful career as a musician.

Leading the television category with five nods each are fan favorites “Riverdale,” “The Flash” and “Shadowhunters,” followed by “Arrow” with four nominations.Hannah’s family grills Jed over his career as a musician: Will he make enough money to support their daughter? And even if he does, what sort of quality of life will they have, with Jed needing to spend so much of his time touring and performing?I’m all for people chasing their dreams, but Jed’s music career seems … He proudly boasts to the Browns that he recently booked his first-ever songwriting gig … We know he supplements his income by taking off his shirt for Nashville bachelorette parties (lowercase-And, yeah, sure, everybody needs to make ends meet, but he’s also plainly not that good at singing.These five men have roughly as much personality together as Hannah alone. With Deshaun Watson on a rookie contract, a talented roster, and a division in chaos, Houston should be pushing its chips in to become an AFC contender.Instead, the team shipped off one of its best players for next to nothing and paid a massive premium for a left tackle.

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