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However, they did not reveal the reason for separation, instead, asserted they separated cordially “after 23 happy and highly creative years”.

Unfortunately, on 18 December 2016, Thom Yorke wife, Owen, died of cancer, aged 48.

Thom Yorke on a red carpet, not an everyday occurrence.

Thom Yorke on a red carpet with his girlfriend, Italian actress Dajana Roncione, also not an everyday occurrence.

I think it might actually be a first time occurrence?

You can tell that it doesn’t happen often – or not at all – because of how hilariously uncomfortable he looks.

Caption: Thom Yorke divorced artist Rachel Owen amicably split after 23 years of relation But tragically the talented artist passed away in late 2016 at the tender age of 48 after her battle with cancer.

His family frequently used to move from a place to another. His father was a nuclear physicist and a chemical equipment salesman.

Later the couple came up with their swimsuits and had a chit chat.

Thom was flaunting his pale body in a shirtless costume and showed his white body while putting a mirrored sunglasses whereas Dajana got done in a stylish black swimsuit and indulged in a fresh coconut. The multi-instrumentalist has been dating the younger Italian girlfriend for several months.

After three months of Thom Yorke wife’s death, he was spotted with his new girlfriend, Dajana Roncione, enjoying a sunny day at the Miami shore before kicking off a tour in the Florida metropolis. The tour is a month-long which begins on 23rd November in Philadelphia, working its way west.

Since then, Yorke has made several public appearances with his girlfriend. Radiohead’s singer, Thom Yorke’s latest album [email protected] sat down with @bbc5live's @Thereal Nihal to talk about his new album Suspiria. RJwv4Xuvk(-) FOVCz RH7— XL Recordings (@XLRECORDINGS) October 27, 2018Yorke will embark on a solo U. Moreover, the tour concludes on 22nd December in Las Vegas.

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