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The drama in this comedy arises after Rosalee and Tad’s win-a-date is over.

When Tad finds himself irresistibly drawn to Rosalee’s “goodness,” he rearranges his entire life to move to Virginia to be closer to her. Not only does he find Tad utterly artificial, Tad’s cramping his style at the worst moment since Pete has finally come up with the nerve to tell Rosalee his true feelings.

There is one wonderful montage where we see a night in the lives of Tad and Pete, both lonely but the latter more fun than the former.

The film needed much more of this and less of Josh Duhamel’s alluring gazes.

Many of the deleted scenes would have made Pete a better candidate for best beau had they been incorporated in the film.

Despite its plot troubles, is considerably less bland than many of its predecessors.She isn’t coy, she doesn’t play any mind games and sometimes she acts a little (what’s the word? Whenever she’s nervous, Rosalee jumbles her words up so that “Hello, how are you” becomes “you how hello are”.Of course, everyone thinks it’s gee-golly-adorable, including the audience.Kate Bosworth dons some bangs and an effervescent smile to make Ms.Futch, the one-of-a-kind ingénue that any pair of guys would squabble over.

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Topher Grace is 1 of the celebs with the age 39 years old.

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