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It’s important that all three of us get the same amount of time with each other, as well as spending time with our son, doing household chores and paying bills.

And speaking of bills, it’s really nice have three paychecks coming in to pay the mortgage and other expenses.

You have to absolutely be willing to give voice to your feelings or concerns, because otherwise it festers.

Above all, the biggest negative for me so far has been the fear of social stigma.

One positive is that there are always more hands on deck, whether it’s in caring for our daughter or accomplishing chores around the house.

And when one of us feels sad or down for some reason, there is a larger built-in support system.” Advice to others considering this kind of relationship “There’s always some element of jealousy, and it takes practice not to let that turn into the unhealthy kind of jealousy.I never anticipated this dynamic before, and it just sort of happened, but I was never against it.” On how they make the relationship work “We’re still ironing out the details.We’ve agreed to practice safe sex until everyone has been tested, and that it’s vital for each smaller couple within the triad to have ample time and space to grow meaningful individual relationships.To find out more about this modern-day relationship, we spoke with three women in separate triads about how they got into their relationships, how they make it work and some of the pros and cons about having two serious partners at the same time. “I married Roger 33 years ago, and together we married John 22 years ago. After Roger and I married, John — a close friend who I went to college with — and his first husband, Mark, used to visit us.But sadly, Mark died very young and unexpectedly, and we worried about John.

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Also, we don’t have to be interested in everything our partner likes.

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