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Ruggedness, despite sometimes not being aesthetically pleasing, is most certainly a metric that women tend to judge by, among other things.Don’t discount the possibility that women who swiped left on this profile sensed they were stock images; a scam of sorts.I’m sure you get a sense for it when you see a chick who has nothing but professional looking photos.Not only that, but you get a feel for the location too i.e.But it seems pretty rare to get a girl close to your level.Edit: Also online dating really only seems broken in the west, so what I said above is from a western perspective OP’s right but also wrong.Stop polluting this forum with garbage snide comments like "be a man and approach in real life." LOL at Putin Closes. Notice that I don't go around the forum posting threads or posts such as: THE TRUTH of Day Game: Stop Wasting You're Time. There's plenty of guys getting laid off tinder tho.

I maxed out the limit of right swipes in a 12 hour span which was 100. It's more effective and it builds your confidence, social skills, ability to connect with others, and it enables you to stretch your comfort zone.I will give you that I can get higher quality in night game, but to outright say you can't find decent chicks to bang online is ridiculous in my opinion.Some of my best memories traveling have been with Tinder chicks.I figured these dudes claiming success either were flat out lying or banging ugly women (4s and below).So I did the only natural thing and created a fake Tinder account featuring an obscure male model.

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