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Like stamped steel turntables, they were topped with rubber.Because of the increased mass, they usually employed ball bearings or roller bearings in the spindle to reduce friction and noise.This enabled stepless rotation or speed control on the drive.Because of this feature the Lenco became popular in the late 1950s with dancing schools, because the dancing instructor could lead the dancing exercises at different speeds.

In later electric phonographs (also known as record players (since 1940s) or, most recently, turntables, the motions of the stylus are converted into an analogous electrical signal by a transducer called a pickup or cartridge (colloquially called the "needle"), electronically amplified with a power amplifier, then converted back into sound by a loudspeaker.Inexpensive record players typically used a flanged steel stamping for the TURNTABLE structure.A rubber disc would be secured to the top of the stamping to provide traction for the record, as well as a small amount of vibration isolation.The spindle bearing usually consisted of a bronze bushing.The flange on the stamping provided a convenient place to drive the turntable by means of an idler wheel.

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