Two bipolar people dating

People with bad mindsets will sit in bed arguing until 3 in the morning.It’s a complete waste of time and all you’re doing is turning her more and more off.Let me make this clear: you will never win in an argument with a Borderline (or any woman, lol).And, you’ll never find a true alpha male falling into an argument with his girl.Cluster B personality types, which includes BPD, are more common than ever.I blame social media and bad parenting, along with other factors. This leads to mental stress and emotional imbalance.She subconsciously argues with you because she wants to test if you’re a man. Beta males will also try to not argue, but will do it from a state of weakness.This is a key difference and it’s why you must be of the alpha type to have any sort of success in BPD relationships.

Do you know what happens when you’re thinking about past or future events? As you develop inner awareness, you will begin to correct common mistakes. Studies have proven over and over again that we’re attracted to individuals who “vibe” with us. It’s a complete shift in thinking that extends beyond intimate relationships. Well, that’s how your partner feels about you when you’re trying so hard to make things better. Let him or her miss you for a bit while you do your own thing.

You’ll develop a better sense of power and direction. And, if you happen to have BPD yourself, you can make great strides in your own life by following my advice. The world today is much different than it was 10 years ago or so.

If you attained all these things, do you think your relationships would improve? Your environment and life experiences determine your mental and emotional state.

Hence, arming yourself with the best mindsets will give you control over your mind.

You will lower your stress levels, you will feel happier and you’ll have more confidence.

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