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For example: select ename,sal from emp where sal = (select min(sal) from emp ) or sal = (select max(sal) from emp); It returns me the employees getting min and max sal valuesin the table emp. So for example, in Table A: SEQNO EFFECTIVE_DATE SERVICE_STATUS2 20020401011010091010030707070717 NPAnd in Table B: SERIAL_NUMBER SEQNO EFFECTIVE_DATE21814290378 2 2002042621814290378 2 2002013021814290378 2 2002012921814290378 2 2001100921814290378 2 2001100221814317918 2 2001091221814317918 2 200010289300134799 1 200303289300134799 1 200207229300134799 1 200207209300134799 1 20020719There should be a SERIAL_NUMBER field in Table A so that we can pin-point the EFFECTIVE_DATE. Table A should look like: SEQNO EFFECTIVE_DATE SERVICE_STATUS SERIAL_NUMBER2 20020426 ND 218142903782 20020130 AB 218142903782 20020129 AB 218142903782 20011009 AB 218142903782 20011002 AB 218142903782 20010912 AB 218143179182 20001028 AB 218143179182 20001026 NP 1 20030328 AB 93001347991 20020722 AB 93001347991 20020720 AB 93001347991 20020719 AB 93001347991 20020717 NP So the way this works is that for a SEQNO, you can have multiple serial numbers. As for the last question -- hopefully you see now that there is NO SUCH THING as the n'th row in a relation database (unless you yourself number them!

Tana Roberts comes of age in this turbulent decade, and begins a journey that will lead her from New York to the South during the heat More info Dr. Seuss's classic cautionary tale, introduces readers to the important lesson of respecting differences.This question is Tom: I have a table that initially stores information about items in a warehouse stored in different bins.Table look like this where manual inventories are done every 3 months.Inventory: Item_no Qty Bin Effective_Date AC006 10 DC001 2/1/2002AC006 20 DC002 2/1/2002AC006 100 DC003 5/1/2002AC006 50 DC004 5/2/2002The answer here should be 150 and not 180. Basically you are saying "hey, if there is some long period of time between sets of measurements, ignore the old stuff".Thank you, select * from t; ITEM_ QTY BIN EFFECTIVE_----- ---------- ----- ----------AC006 10 DC001 02/01/2002AC006 20 DC002 02/01/2002AC006 100 DC001 05/01/2002AC006 50 DC002 05/02/2002AC006 30 DC003 05/03/2002AC006 20 DC008 05/04/2002AC007 10 DC001 02/01/2002AC007 20 DC002 02/01/2002AC007 77 DC001 05/01/2002AC007 32 DC002 05/02/2002AC007 52 DC003 05/03/2002AC007 33 DC008 05/04/200212 rows selected. COM select item_no, sum(qty) 2 from t 3 where effective_date = ( select max(effective_date) 4 from t t2 5 where t2.item_no = t.item_no 6 and t2= ) 7 group by item_no 8 /ITEM_ SUM(QTY)----- ----------AC006 200AC007 [email protected] Only if you could tell me exactly (procedurally) how to filter this data (eg: only use data whose effective_date is within 5 days of the max effective_date).

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