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CBSR: Technically is it a hard show to produce and record? I take crimes and court cases around with me all the time, reflecting on the nuances, claims and counter-claims. CBSR: Did any of the discussions amongst jury members get heated or some members very passionate about their views? Very heated at times with passionate views from all 12 one time or another.

Snapped: Killer Couples is a gripping series that features couples whose passion drove them to commit terrible criminal acts.I was always fascinated by what was happening around me, so journalism just felt right.CBSR: As a reporter you’ve covered countless historic events, which stands out for you?I needed to be convinced that they realised the cases were real and that we were dealing with people who had lost loved ones to a murderer.I asked them all to keep in mind the victim’s relatives and not the convicted person’s relatives when considering their verdicts.

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What takes the time is to get broadcasters to share my vision!

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