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Notably, apt automatically gets and installs packages upon which the indicated package depends (if necessary).This was an original distinguishing characteristic of apt-based package management systems, as it avoided installation failure due to missing dependencies, a type of dependency hell.Another such distinction is remote repository retrieval of packages.apt uses location configuration file () to locate the desired packages, which might be available on the network or a removable storage medium, for example, and retrieve them, and also obtain information about available (but not installed) packages.APT simplifies the process of managing software on Unix-like computer systems by automating the retrieval, configuration and installation of software packages, either from precompiled files or by compiling source code.APT is a collection of tools distributed in a package named apt.This allows administrators to ensure that packages are not upgraded to versions which may conflict with other packages on the system, or that have not been sufficiently tested for unwelcome changes.

Work on the UI portion of the project was abandoned (the UI directories were removed from the CVS system) after the first public release of apt-get.The very first functional version of apt-get was called dpkg-get and was only intended to be a test program for the core library functions that would underpin the new UI.Much of the original development of APT was done on IRC, so records have been lost.A significant part of APT is defined in a C library of functions; APT also includes command-line programs for dealing with packages, which use the library. They are commonly used in examples of APT because they are simple and ubiquitous.The apt package is of "important" priority in all current Debian releases, and is therefore included in a default Debian installation.

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In addition to network repositories, compact discs and other storage media (USB keydrive, hard disks...) can be used as well, using apt-cdrom option (i.e. The Debian CDs available for download contain Debian repositories. Systems that have such possibly conflicting sources can use APT pinning to control which sources should be preferred.

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