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The 3.5″ drives are also known as “full size” or “desktop drives.” Pretty much every desktop PC out there has room for at least one (and sometimes many) 3.5″ drives.

The possible exception to this are the super-small form factor PCs that can only handle a 2.5″ drive.

Moving from a regular drive to an SSD improves speed across your system.Cheaper, bulkier laptops, and few business-class designs like Lenovo’s Think Pads or Dell’s Latitudes, still allow access fairly easily.Other models might need some extensive work to get to the drive bay, or may not have access at all, especially if they’ve moved to the expensive M.2 standard.The SATA data cable requires that your motherboard support a SATA connection (all modern PCs do).You’ll find them in slightly different configurations.

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