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For example, popular websites like Major League Baseball’s and tools like Pixlr still require Flash.Fortunately, Microsoft started bundling Adobe Flash Player in its web browser in Windows 8 and continues to do so in the latest release of Windows 10. Vd=function();function cj(a) C(cj, E);cj.prototype.kd=ea(1);cj.prototype. Oc=function(a);function dj(a) C(dj, E);var ej=[1];function fj(a) C(fj, E);fj.Style=function();function gj(a) C(gj, E);r=gj.prototype;r. Adobe Flash, once a ubiquitous presence on the web, is in sort of a weird place right now.This allows a user to uninstall Flash from the Mac in general but still retain Flash playing capabilities within the Google Chrome web browser sandboxed environment.In practice, this means when I want or need to use Flash Player for whatever reason, I use Chrome for those Flash websites.Experts and developers have been signaling that it’s time to move away from Adobe Flash.Compared to HTML5 and other web standards, Flash is resource-heavy and insecure.

We showed you how to do that in our previous article on how to install Windows updates manually.When it comes to modern operating systems, like Windows 10, which is bundled with a modern web browser, like Microsoft Edge, this introduces some unpredictability with older technologies like Flash.It raises some obvious questions: Depending on your experience, you may come to different conclusions to those questions. You may have even tried to install Adobe Flash in Windows 10 only to find out it still doesn’t work. Even as major websites and online platforms transition away from Flash continues, many websites still require Flash for now.It’s important to keep Flash Player up to date if you’re going to use the Flash plug-in or have it installed, whether it’s in Chrome or in another web browser.Personally, I only use the Adobe Flash plugin within the Chrome sandbox environment, and I do not install Flash (or any other plugins) into Safari.

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So, if you are greeted by a web page with only a puzzle symbol, don’t be puzzled.

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