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Old style serif fonts feel formal and professional while sans-serif fonts feel modern and clean.

We’ve written a whole article on font choices in Powerpoint, but to give you an overview, take the following guide for a baseline.

Luckily we have access to hundreds of thousands of free fonts.

Let’s go ahead and use 1001Once we’ve chosen the font we want to use, go ahead and click the green download button on the right.

If you suspect that text display problems are caused by a missing font, do this: First, save your presentation as a PDF: Here you see a list of the fonts that Power Point has sent to the PDF. This font isn't part of the original presentation, but Windows chose it instead of the missing AAchen.

Finally, I added a few more bits of text in other fonts.Cautions: But you can ungroup then regroup pictures to convert them to Power Point shapes; then Power Point will be able to find and replace fonts in the pictures too.If you suspect that your font problems are due to missing/substituted fonts, scroll to the correct section for your version of Power Point: Tracking down font substitutions in PPT 2007 and later isn't as simple as it used to be.In other cases, the result can be wildly misformatted text.If you run into font substitution problems, either locate and install a copy of the needed font or use the Replace Fonts feature.

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Select the missing font in the upper list box Select a replacement for it in the lower list box Click Replace.

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