Updating fuses to breakers

Although the process may be quick and the price of fuses relatively low, this home repair can be time consuming and irritating.Keeping a decent supply of fuses can become costly over time, as well.Glass fuses, on the other hand, will blow when overloaded.These controls need to be completely replaced with new fuses.You may be able to increase the size of the fuse box, but remember that the main service dictates your overall available power.

Always be sure to hire a professional for wiring and panel upgrades; this type of work requires the skills of a licensed electrician for the optimum safety. If you plan to install a 100-amp panel on a 60-amp service, hold on for a moment.Others feel that dated electrical services are unsafe and do not provide the same level of protection that newer designs offer. But unless the existing service is creating problems with your electrical appliances and devices, or the insurance company is insisting on an upgrade, you may not need to spend the money.Safety could be an issue, but some engineers argue that glass fuses offer a reasonable amount of protection.This single benefit convinces many homeowners to start an upgrade, although that project also presents a number of challenges that need to be dealt with.Considerations When Changing Your Fuses to Circuit Breakers Electrical upgrades are rarely simple.

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