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The other method is based on the packages provided by MSYS2, which provides a UNIX-like environment for Windows.Both of these repositories also provide packages for a large number of other useful open source libraries.

Once you install GTK as above, you should have little problem compiling a GTK app.If you really want to build GTK from the pristine sources yourself, you can use the project files for Microsoft Visual Studio provided by the GTK releases.Learn more on how to build the GTK stack using Microsoft Visual Studio and read these other tips on how to build GTK with MSVC on Windows.If you prefer a more UNIX-like experience, building from the command line instead of using Visual Studio, you may want to consider installing GTK from MSYS2 instead.In order to use vcpkg packages, you first need to clone the vcpkg repository, The part behind the colon ':' specifies the target.

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