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We just have to depend on the people who are running il that it is looked after properly," Basse said, following council's decision to approve the development, the first of its kind for the Coasl. which will allow tlie Coast Housing Society, the agency responsible for pursuing the project, to approach the government to begin defining specific elements of the development The District of Sechelt will not be expected to provide any funding for the "You are dealing with a lot of single-parent families' -Nanc Y Mac Larty Housing Society to meet 25 outstanding requirements of Ihe government before provincial funding is provided.In most cases treatment of spondylolisthesis and spondylolysis will be conservative, will be directed at symptom relief, and will not influence disease progress.Such treatment includes decrease in activities, muscle strengthening exercises, medication and periodic monitoring of symptoms and slippage.the veteran's inability to obtain appropriate clinical management for the condition under consideration during operational service was due to the veteran's serious default, wilful act or serious breach of discipline.the veteran was unable to obtain appropriate clinical management for the condition under consideration, which contributed to the clinical worsening of the condition under consideration, because of an illness or injury which is identifiable.

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