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Please raise a case to Workshare Support and request patch CR01111190.

To see which COM add-ins you're using, in Outlook, go to File The rendering failures occur when Outlook runs out space for memory allocations within its virtual memory space.This version of Office provides the ability for add-ins to use up to 128GB of physical memory (assuming the machine provides that much memory), which is substantially more than what’s possible with 32-bit Office and means that the issue is highly unlikely to occur again.If you choose to upgrade to 64-bit Office, you must also use the 64-bit version of Workshare, which you can get for free.This new cleaning process may decrease the frequency of the issue.Upgrade to the latest version of Workshare and run a REG key to enable the new metadata cleaning process Note 1: This functionality was first introduced with Workshare 9.5.2.

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If you’re running Windows Server in your company, you should be able to deploy multiple personalized email signatures for Outlook using a Visual Basic script. Code Two offers products, which extend the range of email signature design, control and positioning options available on the above platforms.

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