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Let's go back about 15 years in Windows computing to the year 2002.You've got a shiny new desktop with Windows XP and Office XP as well.If you happened to know about the Office Update website, you could run an Active X control to check for Microsoft Office updates. Windows XP SP2 also encourages you to enable Automatic Updates for the OS. As it turns out, an enhanced version of Windows Update, called Microsoft Update, was also released in 2005.Notice that the Auto Update link is HTTP instead of HTTPS. The new Microsoft Update, instead of checking for updates for only the OS itself, now also checks for updates for other Microsoft software, such as Microsoft Office.For the past dozen years or so, when a Windows machine completed running Microsoft Update, you could be pretty sure that Microsoft Office was up to date.As a CERT vulnerability analyst, my standard process on a Microsoft patch Tuesday was to restore my virtual machine snapshots, run Microsoft Update, and then consider that machine to have fully patched Microsoft software.Hello All, I am in the process of switching from Office 2011 to Office 2016.I am currently trying to find where I can get the update files for 2016.

And in the case of the April 2017 updates, there was at least one vulnerability that was being exploited in the wild, with exploit code being publicly available. It is worth noting that the manual update button within the Click-to-Run Office 2016 installation does correctly retrieve and install updates.Thanks in Advance So you have to install 3GB of updates to what was originally a 1.16GB application installer? This is a big step backwards if that's how they are working it now. And more importantly, how does a decision like this even get approved inside an organization? : / I think Microsoft is not to blame here this is an artifact of Apple's sandbox environment and the mandate from Apple that each application be self contained.Of course when you stop sharing the same files you used to things will grow.If you enabled this optional feature, then updates for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office would be installed. How does Microsoft Update factor into modern, supported Windows platforms?Microsoft Update is still supported through current Windows 10 platforms.

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Its kind of hard to count on a library file existing in the Excel application structure when it may or may not be installed.

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