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Alternatively, if you are sitting on a comfortable 35-7 lead in the fourth, and want to sit back and play a bit more conservatively on defense, there is no situation for that either.

Further compounding this issue is the fact that Gameplans CANNOT BE EDITED IN-GAME! So if your Gameplan is failing miserably, you can’t even change it to adjust to the circumstances of the current game.

Nowhere in the Franchise Mode menus will you find any options for viewing or setting Gameplans.

There are no scouting reports of opposing teams for you to use to help construct your Gameplan, and there is no practice mode in which to evaluate your Gameplan.

If you want to modify your Gameplan before the next Franchise game, you have to exit Franchise Mode, find your team’s Gameplan in the main menu, edit it there, save it, then re-load Franchise, start the game, and select that Gameplan.

And yes, that does mean that the general Gameplan for that team is overwritten. The fact that this new feature is completely ignored by the game’s most commonly-played Game Mode, is just one more argument to support that Game Flow is nothing more than a gimmick, rather than a genuine, game-changing feature.

It’s a horrible representation of how football is played.

Other issues make Game Flow seem like it simply wasn’t very well thought-out.Inside of Two Minutes is the time of the game where simulating the time it takes to Huddle is MOST APPROPRIATE!Just like in this year’s (but for slightly different reasons), running the No Huddle actually consumes MORE TIME than huddling up.This year’s release promises to completely redefine the way people play football games by bringing the playbooks of hundreds of plays down to one pre-selected play based on a Gameplan. So when I first heard that the game would now be picking my plays for me, I was skeptical and afraid.It’s the way NFL coaches really do it, and once you stop and think about it, the idea really is brilliant. But after hearing the arguments, and thinking about it a little bit, the change actually did make sense and even had me excited.

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A default-length game of 7-minute quarters takes half an hour.

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