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You can also wade through the Sea Monkey IRC logs for the latest goings-on.

For developers, a good news source is the apps.seamonkey newsgroup. Currently for Sea Monkey 2.39 and later we are workign on a more comfortable user interface of the Sea Monkey add-ons converter, for details see bug 1145026 AMO Add-On-Descriptions: Add link function leading to Sea Monkey add-on-converter and filling URL input pane Bookmarks are stored in a database now, together with your browsing history.

] That said, what we will do to continue Sea Monkey is really up in the air.

While I don’t expect them to need to manually do any other versions other than 2.49.5, I can’t guarantee anything. As for the infrastructure, it is at the bare minimum ‘of ok’ness. I’ve been so knee deep in the infrastructure setup.

Sea Monkey 2.1 uses the same back-end as Firefox 4.0, Gecko 2.0.

The Sea Monkey Project News page and the Sea Monkey Blog are good resources for the latest Sea Monkey news.While Firefox (and Thunderbird) chose to increment the major number with each new release, Sea Monkey chose to increment the minor number only.In other words, Firefox 5 corresponds with Sea Monkey 2.2, Firefox 6 with Sea Monkey 2.3 and so on. Build 3 has been pushed to the regular candidates path. [motif being “it’s there when it’s there.”] Again, I cannot stress this out. May the memory of all these years of building Sea Monkey on these systems remain in the annals of Sea Monkey’s history and in all of the current and past contributors who had the fortune of administrating them (and fighting against their impulsive bustages). (Lights a candle for each of the following systems: ) A new era has begin.I’ve coined a ‘new’ term “candidatized”, meaning it’s been sent to the candidates path on Both Ian N and frg were the mainstays of this release. Thank you for all the contributors and users who’ve supported this project and continue to do so despite the changes and the delays in releases.

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The update from Sea Monkey 2.0 to 2.x will just convert your bookmarks (silently and only once). In contrast the update to Sea Monkey 2.0 migrated (copied) the whole profile.

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