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Windows XP takes drivers only from floppy drives (during installation only). Anyway by the time the system asks you to insert drive with drivers there is software loaded in your RAM which allows you to remove the installation disk... IE you have a Pentium 3 (socket 370) motherboard, which takes a max of 500mhz CPU, and your attempting to install a 1ghz CPU in it. Once this is completed the drivers embedded in the hardware or software then tells it what to do and TA-DA! And new drivers could easily resolve some kind of hardware issue. Before you install windows you have to create at least one partition and format it.

After that during the windows installation process choose the partition which you created earlier for windows to install itself over there.

Go to the soundcard manufacturers web site to download a copy of the drivers.

This does not mean that a retail copy of Windows Vista will install and have all hardware working out of the box. Only administrators can install a hardware device if any type of user input is required.However, since Windows XP is a non-current operating system, the installation may be complicated or even impossible due to the fact that required drivers for modern hardware are no longer available.i have downloaded the drivers and when i attempt to install it says they cant recognize any hardware that it has drivers for.If you're lucky enough to download a Windows Vista driver like that (the manufacturer's site should be very clear about this) then consider yourself lucky.Installation of a Windows operating system is usually a reasonable easy task that takes about an hour.

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