Updating source code on a working bind server linux

You may also want to share any drives you plan on having your source code reside on.

In the general settings, you’ll want to expose the daemon without TLS.

Note: Generally, if you have an existing installation, this environment should already be in place, you can skip this section and go to the next.

Otherwise, run the following commands to set it up.

This seems to only happen if you sign out of Windows instead of doing a full reboot and will likely be fixed in a future 18.03 patch. You’ll be able to access your mounts and they will work perfectly with Docker and Docker Compose without any additional adjustments. If you’re using Con Emu, then you’ll want to make sure to upgrade to the latest alpha release (at least which you can see in the title bar of the settings). Technically you could use a symlink instead of a bind mount, but I’ve been burned in the past when it came to using symlinks and having certain tools not work because they failed to follow them correctly. However, feel free to use symlinks inside WSL to access your bind mount. Yes I know, that means you will be prompt for your root password every time you open a terminal, but we can get around that too because Linux is cool like that.

It contains a patched file to support a custom WSL root mount point.

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The traffic isn’t even leaving your dev box since the daemon is only bound to , so not even other machines on your local network will be able to connect.

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