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Making an 'automatic table of content' Instructions from MS Office: The information in your document must first be formatted using Heading Styles. Under General, click the down arrow beside Formats. In the Show Levels box, click the down arrow to reflect the number of levels you wish to show in the table of contents. Move your mouse over one of the entries in the Table Contents.

Word will pick up any text formatted with a Heading 1 style, Heading 2 style, etc. When a heading style is applied to text, it is recognized by Word as an important item. For example, if you want Heading 1 and Heading 2 styles to appear, change the number beside Show levels to 2 10. Hold down your CTRL key on your keyboard and click your mouse button once.

Beyond the simple Table of Contents there are a lot of extras and tricks that we’ll explain in future articles.

A table of contents can be there for ‘in house’ use while making the document, and later removed or reduced in the final version.

This choice is faster but we generally avoid it because a change in the headings, however minor, may be overlooked.

We prefer to use ‘Update entire table’ to ensure the TOC is fully up to date.

Table of Contents is very easy to do in Word and it’s not just for people who are making books.

Content Header .feed_item_answer_user.js-wf-loaded . That’s the easy way and what we’ll use in this article.However, you can assign any paragraph style to a level in the TOC.Word 2007 and later it’s under the ‘References’ tab on the ribbon.In Word 2003 and before you’ll find it under Insert | Reference | Index and Tables | Table of Contents.

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