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Lastly, one of the key reasons Valentine One is one of the leading radar detector manufacturers is because, despite the fact that the design of the company’s devices has remained the same since 1992, even older models can be sent back for a hardware and software update.While charges do apply, this is something not seen with any other manufacturer in the industry today.Over time, they tell you exactly what is coming up in front of you in order for you to slow down or come to a complete stop.Unfortunately, choosing the right model can be challenging.

In addition to all the above, customers have reported the Valentine One V1 radar detector working in a variety of countries.Other customers were not impressed with the quality of the customer support team assigned to this device, stating that it was either poor or virtually nonexistent.While some reviews were not as positive as others, no clear explanation as to what was wrong with the device was given.Because of the direction in which these separate antennas face, it can tell you exactly from where the signal is coming from, making it one of the best rear detectors out of every single other windshield radar detector on the market today.In addition to all the above, the Valentine One V1 radar detector has amazing laser detection and is able to alert you even when law enforcement officers are using the latest technology radars.

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