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The Sharing service is installed on Vista without the "Allow interaction with desktop" feature since Vista does not support this (on XP/2K we keep using this feature as before since it allows codec icons to appear in the tray when they are used during transcoding).The TVersity audio and video feeds are no longer included, users can still get them by adding (or dragging and dropping) the URLs: Video and Audio This feature is turned off by default (since devices other than the Xbox 360 do not need it).When turning it on (from the settings tab in the GUI) one needs to reconstruct the media library for this to take effect.

This is to allow users of the Xbox 360 to navigate their long list of videos.When scanning the header of media files enclosed in RSS feeds, the user agent is now "TVersity Mediabot".The "TVersity Media Server" user agent is still used when doing a full download (either due to a new subscription or playback of an item that was not previously downloaded).Better support for the Nintendo Wii The Adobe Flash interface for the Wii and PS3 is now fully operational via cursor motion/clicks and it no longer requires the use of arrow keys.This change was made to better support the Nintendo Wii.

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In the same time it is quite unusual to pay for high end software more than twenty dollars or so.

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