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A section below explains how to use re Captcha 2 with Contact Form 7 latest versions. Once you complete the form, it will give you a site key and a secret key. In order to use version 2 of re Captcha in Contact form 7, install yet another Word Press plugin: Contact form 7 -re Captcha 2:re Captcha is a great “bot” detection solution from Google.

Before that, let me show you how to register for re Cpatcha and how to insert re Captcha in your websites. Google watches the pattern of user interaction to decide whether it is a “bot” or a real user.

You can disable the domain validation temporarily in the settings page of the captcha (press the settings icon and update the setting) Here is a simple HTML form page with a form that contains the re Captcha: to a div attribute. Here is the client side validation: The code is triggered when the form is submitted. It checks with recaptcha whether the user has completed the validation. None of these verifications will run and you will keep getting spam submissions.

Version 3 of re Captcha is a Java Script API that returns a score that indicates whether Google thinks this is a “bot” or not. Contact Form 7 version 5.1 and later uses re Captcha 3. However, you can use re Captcha 2 with even the latest Contact Form 7 using another plugin.The re Captcha version 2 is simple and user-friendly.The user is to check a box saying “I am not a robot”.However, sometimes, this version of the captcha also throws some picture puzzles too.It generally depends on how the algorithms of Google feels like the user’s session is.

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