Validating sharepoint in a gmp environment Sex on wechat

The authorities ensure prior to drug distribution that the characteristics of interest are functional and comply with the safety standards.

Retrospective Validation – Regulators need assurance from time to time that the drugs already being produced and distributed are of highly quality.

About validation, you can mark this column as required.. This is the world of mystery errors you find in Share Point Server, any version, and until this very moment several of the solutions are not always from Microsoft.They are solutions that someone figured out just by looking at the architecture a little while longer with a lot of head-scratching, lip-biting, coffee-drinking, and gum-chewing frustrations.So if there is no attachment then another column is set to required but if there is an attachment then the other column is not set to required.Would prefer to do this as vanilla sharepoint rather than adding javascript etc You can create a Site Column based on "Hyperlink with formatting and constraints for publishing" type (you might need to activate Publishing Infrastructure feature on site collection and site level)..

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