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She realized that Xiao Xiao Bin's performance in Down With Love was excellent and claimed Xiao Xiao Bin to act as her son in Autumn's Concerto.

Unexpectedly, that was Xiao Xiao Bin's road to stardom.

She said, "When I touch Vanness' face with my hands, I'm also shocked at whose hand it is.

I even asked the director if we can exchange for a whiter hand." * I just watch BTS of Autumn Concerto episode 17.

As always I am reviewing this in comparison with other TV shows from Taiwan, I am not comparing it to U.

Yesterday he accidentally yawned in front of the camera, showing sign of his tiredness.

When compared to the "white" Vanness Wu, there seems to be a very big color difference.

On weibo, she said, “1230 days ago you suddenly entered my world, and I seriously used 810 days to get to know you. Well, by your side, I will eat till old age and play till old age….

Murphy's Law states "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong." Kuan Hsiao-Tung (Chia-ying Lee) is known as the "love guru" of the Meet and ...

When she found out about this, she also felt the pain. Please don't give them too much pressure." In fact, Xiao Xiao Bin's stardom happened because of Any's behind the scene helping hands.

The child star was actually going to be someone else, but Ady felt that this is a very important role and needed to be handled by a very flexible child.

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One of my favorite Taiwanese actresses is officially taken!

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