Vb net dataset not updating

However, if you select another table and then come back to the previous table, the datagridview only displays the column headings and not any of the rows of data.

I have been searching for a solution to this problem for 2 hours with no luck.

The identity value is determined by the column’s Identity Seed and Identity Increment properties.

While in your client application, you can insert a new row into a corresponding ADO.

A simple dt.clear() only clears the rows from the datatable but leaves the columns in it.

So, the next table that I get from the database simply 'appends' to the datatable the new columns and my datagridview shows nothing but all of the column headings for every table that I select from the database.

NET Data Table (Data Table can be seen as the in memory cache of the data table in the database, I will use Data Table as the example in this post).

I checked the datasource for the datagridview using the debugger and it clearly has all of the rows of data in it but it simply doesn't display them.I will start with a sample Windows Forms application using Data Set. I create a data table in the database called My Customer with three columns: Cust Id, Name and Company.Cust Id is defined as primary key and an identity column.I have an issue with a simple database editor application I am creating in C#.Background: I have an SQL database that I initially query to get a list of the tables so that I can populate a combobox.

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